The Earth Forge

The Earth Forge is a secret Dwemer ruin in the mountains of The Reach which is maintained by the Fighters Guild and only accessible after completing the Fighters Guild quest line.  The only way to travel to The Earth Forge is by using the portal within the Fighters Guildhalls (AD is Reapers March - Rawl'kha. EP is The Rift - Riften. DC is Bankorai - Evermore).

The Earth Forge

The ruin consists of two zones, the Heart of the Forge and Pressure Room III.  There are two special crafting sites within the Earth forge:

  1. Kagrenac's Hope located in the Heart of the Forge, at the very top left of the map, where you helped forge the Prismatic Core weapon.
    Heart of Forge
  2. Orgnum's Scales located in the Presure Room III, the entrance to which is outside the interior ruin, to your left as you walk north from the Wayshrine.
    Pressure Room III

Related Quests:

  • The Prismatic Core: Help the Guildmaster understand the threat to the present in the events of the past
  • Will of the Council: Enter Coldharbour and destroy the Mortuum Vivicus

NPC Residents:

The Earth Forge
  • Dalama
  • Farmorion Clothier
  • Fimius Barbula Armsman
  • Franja Snowpeak Carpenter
  • Mabgruhl gra-Born Blacksmith
  • Mollier Cine
  • Odeel-Medul
  • Olahanar
  • Ris Maren
Pressure Room III
  • Nanaglar

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