The Dead King


Greenshade, Rulanyil's Fall


Nanwen's Sword
High Leveled Gold

The Dead King is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO).

Quest Information

The Worm Cult has invaded the ruins of Rulanyil's Fall, intent on raising an Ayleid warlord from the dead. Endarwe wants to ensure the body is not disturbed.



  • Endarwe



  • Speak to Endarwe inside the ruins of Rulanyil's Fall.
  • Find and examine the ancient warlord's body.
  • Follow the ghost and speak to it.
  • Return to Endarwe.




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    • Anonymous

      The marker close to Marbruk is wrong ( december 2016). Complete the public dungeon to complete that quest.

      • Anonymous

        How do I get to the location of The Dead King? Its a quest but I can get to the location to examine his remains...cannot figure out how to get through the terrain.

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