The Dagger's Edge


Dresan Keep


Dusant's Antique Dagger
Average Leveled Gold

The Dagger's Edge is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

I encountered the spirit of Richard Dusant, who died searching for the hidden treasure of Dresan Keep. He wants me to finish his search for the Keep's ancient secrets.



  • Richard Dusant



  • Talk to Leonce Diel in Daggerfall. He tells you to find the missing members of the Daggers.
  • Talk to Bumnog nearby. He tells you what you need to do next. Go east up the path, at the top go north and into the hills. Then turn west and continue until you find freshly picked bones & search them. Turn northeast and go up the hill to find Foulwing. Defeat her and then head southeast up the hill.
  • Talk to the Remly Brothers. There is a skyshard nearby so grab it if you want. Speak to Balin, he wants you to capture four Harpies.
  • Use the Throwing Snare on Weakened Harpies. Attack any harpy in the area. When they get to about 75% health throw a snare at them. Do this until you have four.
  • Assist the Remly Brothers. Now find Gelvin, who is west of Chill House, up a hill and by the cliff edge. He tells you that the Daggers need to find harpy eggs. Now search the area for harpy eggs, you can find them on the ground or on harpies bodies.
  • Return to Camp. When you have four head to the campsite near the front of Shrieking Scar. Before you reach camp Bumnog will want to speak to you so talk with him.
  • Talk to Lord Diel. Now talk with Alain Diel in the camp. He tells you to find Gelvin who is missing again.
  • Talk to Granette Feldrin. She'll tell you to check Miltrin's Fishing Cabin. It's located on an island to the west of the camp.
  • Investigate the Fishing House. Go inside the cabin and speak with Gelvin. Look around the house -- find a contract under the rug. Read it. Now choose to either have Gelvin finish the job or have him confront Lord Diel. If you choose to have him confront Lord Diel, a harpy will appear and kill him. If you allow the Daggers to finish the job, you will be given the option to extort money from Diel, either for the mercenaries or yourself.
  • Tell Gelvin to Confront Lord Diel. Either way, go and speak to Diel outside the house. After watching the events unfold, talk to Bumnog, and then speak with Gelvin for your reward.




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