The Curse of Heimlyn Keep is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Curse of Heimlyn Keep Bestowal

" Heimlyn Keep is under a terrible curse. A group of Covenant soldiers attacked, thinking they were assaulting a military target. Instead they loosed an ancient magic hidden beneath in the vaults. "



  • Collect Tainted Hearts from the Corpses
  • Collect Spectral Essences from the Ghosts
  • Talk to Merarii Telvanni
  • Form Etheric Totem in the Daedric Urn
  • Talk to Merarii Telvanni
  • Talk to Adras Furari
  • Talk to Ramalii Malena
  • Talk to Neron Arona
  • Talk to Hadrill Diina
  • Use the Etheric Totem to Stun Ghosts
  • Find the Covenant Soldier
  • Talk to Merarii Telvanni

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