The Coral Heart is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Coral Heart Bestowal

" Captain Noris came to Vivec's Antlers to defend against an incursion by Alexandra Conele of the Covenant. Alexandra wants to retrieve an artifact known as the Coral Heart from Vivec's Antlers. The Pact is barely holding its ground. "





  • Talk to Captain Noris
  • Search Mud Mounds for Survivors
  • Talk to Sings-with-Reed
  • Rescue Lieutenant Galyn from the Ship
  • Find Sings-with-Reed
  • Place Egg in North Coral Cluster
  • Place Egg in Southwest Coral Cluster
  • Place Egg in South Coral Cluster
  • Enter Coral Heart Chamber
  • Find the Coral Heart
  • Wait for Sings-With-Reed
  • Kill Alexandra Conele
  • Talk to Lieutenant Galyn
  • Collect Coral Heart
  • Give Coral Heart to Holgunn


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