The Brothers Will Rise is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Brothers Will Rise Bestowal

" Sorcerer Nilae sent me into a deep vision with the help of an ancient ritual site. In this vision of the past, I should be able to interact with Balreth and Sadal. Then I can learn how the Brothers of Strife were born. "



  • Collect Nedic Hearts
  • Collect Ornskar's Heart
  • Talk to Sorcerer Turoni
  • Collect the Essence of Wrath
  • Collect the Essence of Fire
  • Talk to Legate Sadal
  • Talk to General Balreth
  • Place the Spirits in the Ritual Brazier
  • Start the Ritual
  • Talk to Sorcerer Vunal

Prerequisite Quest

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