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Divine Inquiries


Sunna'rah is a staff-like item discovered during the quest Divine Intervention in the Morrowind DLC for Elder Scrolls Online. It was built using a mix of Dwemer technology and magic by the Tribunal clockwork god Sotha Sil in order to study his own divine energy. Around 2E 583, an Ashlander warrior named Conoon Chodalaby used Sunna'rah in a plan to overthrow the Great Houses by uniting all the Ashlander tribes, though this was thwarted after turning the device's power against Vivec, warrior poet god of the Tribunal.



Sunna'rah Quest Information

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Divine Inquiries




Average Leveled Gold

Divine Inquiries is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online.

Quest Information

Lord Vivec fears that the mysterious affliction that drains his divine energy may be the result of an enemy's attack. He asked me to work with Archcanon Tarvus to determine the source of the attack by conducting investigations throughout Vvardenfell.



  • Vivec in Vivec City



  • Talk to Vivec at his Palace in Vivec City.
  • Speak with Archcanon Tarvus.
  • Investigate the clockwork mage at Barilzar's Tower.
  • Investigate cultist activity around Balmora.
  • Investigate the Ashlanders near Ald'ruhn.
  • Return to Archcanon Tarvus.
  • Return to Vivec.




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Sunna'rah Notes

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