Summerset Master Angler

Summerset Master Angler





Summerset Master Angler is an Achievement in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). Achievements grant in-game points and sometimes special rewards including Furnishings, Titles and Dye colors. You can track your progress by visiting your journal, and finding the relevant General Summerset Achievements section. Playstation and Xbox players can also unlock platform-specific Trophies and Achivements by completing some of these tasks.


Summerset Master Angler Information

Catch all 12 rare fish in Summerset.



Criteria List

  1. Crystal Hannia
  2. Dusk Arowana
  3. Blooming Flowerhorn
  4. Lingweloce
  5. Radiant Dory
  6. Quicksilver Lingwe
  7. Great Yellowfin
  8. Anu's Travally
  9. Eton Sprat
  10. Senche Flathead
  11. Copper Oreodory
  12. Burnish Groper



Notes & Tips

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