Sorcerer AOE DPS Build



This build needs luck. Your DPS depends on critical hits. You need to raise your crit chance over 40%. Just follow instructions below


You need to level up 3 skill lines to 50 first.
And you need to search lorebooks to reach mages guild skill line 10


49 points to health. You can survive more.


Willow's Path set 3 pieces (Max Magicka & Spell Crit 4%)
Twilight's Embrace set 3 pieces ( Max Health & Spell Crit 4%)
Magnus's gift set 1 piece (Max Magicka)
7/7 light armor
Traits : Infused


Magnus's gift set Destruction Staff (Slot 1) & Restoration Staff (Slot 2)
Traits : Precise

Mundus Stone

Thief. It increases your crit chance.


Slot 1 (Destruction Staff)
1. Mage's Light (Inner Light) : This skill increases your crit chance massively. This skill is the most important skill in this build. If you are EXTREMLEY LUCKY guy, you don't need this skill.
2. Surge (Critical Surge) : Surge grants you massive weapon damage. And also it heals you 65%(Rank 4) of critical hit damage. This is the second important skill.
3. Impulse (Pulsar) : I think this is the best AOE skill in the game. Cool damage and it also reduces targets' max health by 13%!!
4. Encase (Restraining Prison) : It is good for survivability, and it also gives you +15%(Exploitation rank 2) critical chance!
5. Bolt Escape (Streak) : Use this to penetrate into enemies.
Ultimate Ability. Meteor (Shooting Star) : The best AOE ultimate in the game. Splendid damage and knokback.
Slot 2 (Restoration Staff)
1. Mage's Light (Inner Light) : See above
2. Regeneration (Mutagen) : This is a nice skill on urgent situation.
3. Blessing Of Protection (Blessing Of Restoration) : Massive healing & Armor buff.
4. Necrotic Orb (Mystic Orb) : Cool damage. It's a good ability on dungeons.
5. Force Siphon (Siphon Spirit) : Use this when dealing with a boss.
Ultimate Ability. Negate Magic (Absorption Field)

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