Snuffing Out the Light


Alinor, Eton Nir Grotto


Summerset Daily Recompense
Average Leveled Gold

Snuffing Out the Light is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. It is part of the Summerset Chapter.

Quest Information

The Divine Prosecution has requested I travel to Eton Nir Grotto and destroy the cocoons of the Daedra roaming the cavern. I'll also need to burn any sacrilegious text I find.



  • Justiciar Tanorian



  • Speak to Justiciar Tanorian in Alinor and accept the task.
  • Travel to the Eton Nir Grotto.
  • Burn heretical texts and destroy Daedric cocoons.
  • Return to Tanorian for your reward.




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