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Skyshard Achievement.pngAlik'r Desert Skyshards
Find all 16 Skyshards in Alik'r.
  • Sentinel of a domed tower.
  • Shedding shame in the oasis.
  • Across the ruin from the Warrior.
  • Stored on a Bergama roof.
  • Walltop view of the broken blade.
  • Beside a drydocked stern.
  • Left out in the open by Kozanset Mages.
  • Near a paid feather-finder.
  • Tears shed for a toppled spire.
  • Second stop on her search for the Pearl.
  • Buried respite from desert heat.
  • Dig deep, don't be embarrassed.
  • Blown down a mine shaft.
  • A caravan's wreckage marks the path.
  • Trapped within the steam closet.
  • Monumental find in the Lost City.

Skyshard Achievement.png
Auridon Skyshards
Video Guide
Find all 16 Skyshards in Auridon.
  • A landing of noble's blood.
  • Adorns Valano's terrace.
  • Offered to appease riled ancestors.
  • Watching the sky in a tower of swords.
  • Between cursed ruin and shrine.
  • Near Merormo's refreshment.
  • Contemplation's overlook.
  • Up and west in the broken dawn.
  • Gleaming beacon, ship-guide.
  • Ancient chamber of golden glow.
  • The Heritance stakes this claim.
  • Near the folly's end.
  • Held in a corner by the House of Troubles.
  • Blood-drained thralls stumble past.
  • Corpses from another age walk here.
  • Hidden home in the gully's wall.

Skyshard Achievement.png
Bal Foyen Skyshards
Video Guide
Find all 3 Skyshards in Bal Foyen.
  • Hidden near the highest hut.
  • In the fort, just around the way.
  • About to set sail.

Skyshard Achievement.png
Bangkorai Skyshards
Find all 16 Skyshards in Bangkorai.
  • A scenic view of Evermore's bridge.
  • Listening to Silaseli's whispers.
  • Tossed into a coveside tower.
  • Answer the call to battle.
  • Secret shrine by Pelin's Church.
  • Hears hags but sees mobile limbs.
  • Waiting to be inducted to the Hall.
  • Take a fall from the grotto.
  • Nested in an Imperial camp.
  • Sent away to stay with the dead.
  • Tragic tale of architect and princess.
  • Found in spite.
  • Where a stormy ritual brews.
  • Stuck in a troll's maw.
  • Bjoulsae bandits' hidden lair.
  • Meddling Imperials disrupt the wheel.

Skyshard Achievement.png
Betnikh Skyshards
Find all 3 Skyshards in Betnikh.
  • In the dig site.
  • Where wolves prowl eastern ruins.
  • Outside a house for the dead.

Skyshard Achievement.png
Bleakrock Skyshards
Video Guide
Find all 3 Skyshards in Bleakrock.
  • High atop the shrouded Barrow.
  • A Hollow victory beyond the iceflows.
  • To dig too deep would be no Folly.

Skyshard Achievement.png
Coldharbour Skyshards
Video Guide
Find all 16 Skyshards in Coldharbour.
  • East of the bastion of deceit.
  • Discarded from the mages' walls.
  • Seek a shattered bridge suspended.
  • Unfit for court.
  • Ejected from the Village.
  • Among the vessel's burnt cousins.
  • In the Chasm's western watchtower.
  • Not invited into the plotting wives' home.
  • Washed to strange shores with the fleet.
  • Among the bones of Aba-Loria.
  • Enduring Forgefire's flames.
  • Seek the deepest depravity.
  • Entombed in the Orchard.
  • One of the hunters' many prides.
  • Where endless cries issue forth.
  • Behind disaster-claimed Dunmer hall.

Skyshard Achievement.png
Cyrodiil Aldmeri Skyshards
Find all 15 Skyshards in the Aldmeri Territory of Cyrodiil.
  • Within sight of Mnem.
  • Ascending toward prophecy and dawn.
  • Helping establish a new town.
  • Tooth of Jone or Jode.
  • Ruined spire peering north to the Tower.
  • Hears hacking to the east.
  • Upon timbered fingers.
  • Ruin's crown between three castles.
  • Where archers of the Eight train.
  • Six-legged assassins crawl the cave.
  • The Black Dagger's prize.
  • Singing straw's song.
  • Walk the Shadowed Path.
  • At the end of a bumpy road.
  • Where bear and ogre burrow.

Skyshard Achievement.png
Cyrodiil Daggerfall Skyshards
Find all 15 Skyshards in the Daggerfall Territory of Cyrodiil.
  • Approach the southern scroll.
  • Overlooking Ni-Mohk's falls.
  • Near liquid fire flowing.
  • Decorating a Nord's manor grounds.
  • Offering at the priory.
  • Atop a crumbling Empire.
  • Home of the goat-faced altar.
  • Search near the cliffs … cliffs … cliffs….
  • Where a ruin-seeking Khajiit is denied.
  • Bandits' crowning achievement.
  • Amid reverberations of clattering bones.
  • Vampires prowl where Elves once lived.
  • In a cave of crimson treasures.
  • Surrounded by frozen fungus.
  • Under shroud and ground.

Skyshard Achievement.png
Cyrodiil Ebonheart Skyshards
Find all 15 Skyshards in the Ebonheart Territory of Cyrodiil.
  • Near the scroll of royalty's secret syllable.
  • Rope ladder hangs south of Ghartok.
  • Keeping the crops alive.
  • Cradled in a ruined temple hall.
  • The Arvinas' pride.
  • Blue Road's trees fall just down the hill.
  • Where bound spirits hold vigil.
  • Soft wings spin choral garb.
  • Wedged well in Sedor.
  • Fractured by the Bloody Hand.
  • The monarch's buried secret.
  • Enjoy a good roll in the muck.
  • Nurtured by amphibious host.
  • Rushing water in the depths.
  • Facing the Faceless.

Skyshard Achievement.png
Deshaan Skyshards
Video Guide
Find all 16 Skyshards in Deshaan.
  • Free from quarantine.
  • A Hlaalu victory in Narsis.
  • A river view on Muth Gnarr's outskirts.
  • A twin falls in Mournhold.
  • Near the remnants of a House caravan.
  • Follow the river that snakes south to its source.
  • Search near the cavern with three eyes.
  • The right tower is Tal'Deic's left.
  • Where ships dock and mushrooms Mire.
  • Where the dead walk, no memories linger.
  • Lend me your ear.
  • Where a lady seeks kwama before the storm.
  • Asleep in the depths, the Dwemer awakens.
  • Mine your step where the water drops in.
  • Go from Crags to riches.
  • Where corpses till a garden of sand.

Skyshard Achievement.png
Eastmarch Skyshards
Video Guide
Find all 16 Skyshards in Eastmarch.
  • Nestled beside Morvunskar's royal tomb.
  • Giants despoil the village below.
  • Leave the hollow to cure the chill.
  • Strewn between tusks near the barrow.
  • Beside a bridge to Amol.
  • Lost in ruins beyond the grotto.
  • Mzulft's secrets are not all underground.
  • Attempting to spy on Aelif.
  • Stashed near a farm in icy winds.
  • An illegitimate child's reading material.
  • Search the slipperiest places in the hollow.
  • Three eyes gleam, a frigid prize.
  • Crashed from the sky to open the vault.
  • Old Sord excelled at hide-and-seek.
  • Among the dead, sheltered from storms.
  • Near a throne in the Hall of the Dead.

Skyshard Achievement.png
Glenumbra Skyshards
Find all 16 Skyshards in Glenumbra.
  • Guarding Daggerfall's eastern gates.
  • Before Dresan's headless sentinel.
  • Search amongst the shrieks.
  • Westtry's dead slept underneath.
  • Far behind the Elf-haters' lines.
  • Beneath a Hag's footbridge.
  • Where vines strangle the sleeping dead.
  • Close to finding the kings.
  • A climb above Crosswych.
  • A tower explored is Ilessen learned.
  • Near Silumm's well on Daggerfall shores.
  • Within a mine of blood and thorns.
  • Behind a wall to Enduum all.
  • Where Ebon Crypts become Ebon Caves.
  • In the bowels of Cryptwatch.
  • In the roots of the Hallows.

Skyshard Achievement.png
Grahtwood Skyshards
Video Guide
Find all 16 Skyshards in Grathwood.
  • Granted safe haven by the mages.
  • The shrine of the south leads north.
  • Cooling off on the way to the Tower.
  • Where the road to the root is an isle.
  • Atop falls that feed the temple.
  • Spotted from a treehouse vantage.
  • A doorway to trolls near Redfur.
  • Among ancient words in the stones.
  • Above a seasonal site of return.
  • Where Covenant forces pour forth.
  • A scrabbling, a skittering, a scurrying.
  • Six-legged thunder invades.
  • Not yet dead on the vine.
  • Stolen starlight in wormy depths.
  • Mined by the bandits of Mobar.
  • Crocs claimed a meal in the sunder.

Skyshard Achievement.png
Greenshade Skyshards
Video Guide
Find all 16 Skyshards in Greenshade.
  • Flee the labyrinth of words and stone.
  • In crumbled keep where shadow creeps.
  • Breath of fresh air for Marbruk's mages.
  • Find an eclectic outskirt by the sea.
  • Where moor becomes moat.
  • Stay dry where the Wooded Eye wards.
  • No longer entrenched.
  • Unheeded by Wood Orc lookouts.
  • Down in the gorge of rope bridges.
  • In Gurzag's supplies.
  • Halls ruined further by blue-skin brutes.
  • A pretender in Naril Nagaia.
  • Under root, but hidden high.
  • Batted around in the purring lair.
  • Mined up in a barrow.
  • Outside the Harbinger's chamber.

Skyshard Achievement.png
Khenarthi's Roost Skyshards
Video Guide
Find all 6 Skyshards in Khenarthi's Roost.
  • Exposed to sky, surveying the strand.
  • Southern temple's hidden jewel.
  • Along an inlet through the moon.
  • Abandoned before mourning.
  • Sighted by serpents in Mistral.
  • Surly root-chewers burrow nearby.

Skyshard Achievement.png
Malabal Tor Skyshards
Video Guide
Find all 16 Skyshards in Malabal Tor.
  • On an orbit of the storm sphere's home.
  • The best view of Fuller's Break.
  • Unnoticed by a melancholy Elf.
  • Near the river, disentangled.
  • Seek seaward cliffs by the brewery town.
  • Fell from a bridge fleeing Abamath.
  • Search every nook to lift the Vale.
  • Eyed from a islet in the river.
  • Follow the sound of the wilding waves.
  • Withered within the vine.
  • Dropped off when he still lived.
  • Property of parasites.
  • Fungus dwellers dig, far from home.
  • Part of Arrai's spectral dominion.
  • Haunted by heretics.
  • Held by red-handed bandits.

Skyshard Achievement.png
Mountain Skyshard
Find the Skyshard on top of the mountain in Cyrodiil.
  • Where White Fall reaches for Aetherius.

Skyshard Achievement.png
Reaper's March Skyshards
Video Guide
Find all 16 Skyshards in Reaper's March.
  • East from the solemn eye's shrine.
  • Where temple became tree-house.
  • In a smoldering shell.
  • Overlooking the site of the fall.
  • Camped on the way to Claw's Strike.
  • Hidden by a less subtle blade.
  • Dune's arcane beacon.
  • Mara's devout frets in view.
  • Within earshot of the cheering crowd.
  • Growling, beastly gladiators prowl.
  • Treasure of the bard's tomb.
  • Awash in tears underground.
  • Outlaws strike skooma deals here.
  • The folly is in passing through quickly.
  • Moon's light reveals its secret.
  • Far beneath a foul manor.

Skyshard Achievement.png
Rivenspire Skyshards
Find all 16 Skyshards in Rivenspire.
  • Just outside Shornhelm's gate.
  • Honoring the dead in Eyebright's west.
  • Crumbled tower, Crestshade's welcome.
  • Wolves howl at the Hoarfrost nearby.
  • Cresting the wood of words.
  • High in the debris of the hills.
  • Skittered over in the pass.
  • Follow the song to the Landing.
  • Ditched outside of Lorkrata.
  • In the tunnels under Crestshade.
  • Seek worms who burrow for a tear.
  • Among Flyleaf's unearthed dead.
  • Secret in the blood-suckers' hideaway.
  • Look upon the Orsimer's hand.
  • Conquer the crypt of trials.
  • Stolen by worshipers of Ashpit's Lord.

Skyshard Achievement.png
Shadowfen Skyshards
Video Guide
Find all 16 Skyshards in Shadowfen.
  • Above the Mages' eye between the falls.
  • Still shrouded by spray past a western rise.
  • Sneak behind the relic-thieves' camp.
  • Beside a bowsprit among pirates.
  • Ritual flames brew trouble in the mire.
  • Where wisps waylay wanderers.
  • Like the sound of steam or snakes.
  • Overlooking the murk of Xal Ithix.
  • Imprisoned in a crumbling tower.
  • Peek behind pillars in Atanaz.
  • Skittering, slithering, a tusk once whole.
  • Unearthed by an outlaw excavation.
  • Crown in hand, leave and look right.
  • Climb, little kwama, to reach your goal.
  • Digesting in the belly of the Black Maw.
  • Deep in the den of debauchery.

Skyshard Achievement.png
Stonefalls Skyshards
Video Guide
Find all 16 Skyshards in Stonefalls.
  • Watching lions swim to shore.
  • Near Bal Foyen's gate.
  • Staging an attack on Arand.
  • A lady on a cliff, beyond Sulfur Pools.
  • Among mushrooms, high above Lukiul Uxith.
  • Among pools of fire, above Vivec's Wayshrine.
  • South on the Ashen Road, where lava flows.
  • Tucked away, on a grotto's mantel.
  • On a hillside behind a plantation.
  • Left to rust beside ancient arms.
  • Used to strike flames underground.
  • Listening to the Spinner's whispers.
  • Found in soft dirt by daggers.
  • Where a fiery tide rises.
  • Discovering a taste for madness.
  • Drowned in the south by a clever bird.

Skyshard Achievement.png
Stormhaven Skyshards
Find all 16 Skyshards in Stormhaven.
  • On Koeglin's crown.
  • Atop the stairs of Newgate.
  • Beside the henge of Nightmare Crag.
  • The foot of Wind Keep's falls.
  • Before a breach in Aphren's wall.
  • Atop the soulless tower.
  • In the monster's pantry.
  • Where the giant's tears fall.
  • Camped in sight of the eastern gate.
  • Delve deep with the bear's claw.
  • Locked behind Farangel's iron bars.
  • Mine your manners outside Steelheart.
  • Explore the ruins north of Wind's Keep.
  • Comb the abbey's catacombs.
  • West of Firebrand, deep beneath the tower.
  • Explore the ruins of broken marrow.

Skyshard Achievement.png
Stros M'Kai Skyshards
Find all 3 Skyshards in Stros M'Kai.
  • Across the water from the western wall.
  • The mouth of The Grave stands open.
  • Crashed through a Saintsport roof.

Skyshard Achievement.png
The Rift Skyshards
Find all 16 Skyshards in The Rift.
  • Braced against wind near the mine.
  • Be Shor to search all over the stone.
  • Nearly discovered by a mauled stablehand.
  • Cultists' prize near Ragged Hills.
  • Scour the crags near Avancheznel.
  • South where worms swarm the barrow.
  • A prospect found.
  • Walk above the clouds.
  • Stay alert between Riften and Greenwall.
  • Clank of gears and hiss of steam.
  • Guarded by bears in the hollow.
  • Deep in the roots of the tooth.
  • Where green grows in the fort's wall.
  • Take a shrouded approach.
  • Tread carefully; don't break a leg.
  • Protected by wraiths in a beast's den.

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