She Who Eats the Light




Tribal Glove Crate
Average Leveled Gold

She Who Eats the Light is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. It is part of the Murkmire DLC.

Quest Information

The Teeth of Sithis, a pair of ancient xanmeer temples, has been overtaken by the servants of its heretical, former high priestess, Shuxaltsei. She has taken the custodians of the Teeth captive and is sacrificing them in some profane blood rite.



  • Nisswo Xode



  • Talk to Nisswo Xode just outside the Teeth of Sithis.
  • Search for any survivors inside the temple.
  • Regroup with Xode atop the western xanmeer.
  • Disrupt sacrificial altars and kill Shuxaltsei.
  • Talk to Xode outside the delve.




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