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Shang Tsung Mageblade

Doing dungeons? Need DPS with your Nightblade? Wanna NOT die? Here we go...

Ok, so I've used this build with my Khajit, and DPS'd both White Gold Tower and Prison (on v14 but still). So my recommended race for this build is hands down Breton, in fact I may level a whole new Breton Nightblade just for this. High Elf wouldn't be bad either or Dark Elf, even Imperial for survivability.

Attributes: All in magic, adjust your health with glyphs.

Mundus Stone: Magic Recovery


  • Head- Kagrenac's Hope (Light, Infused, Prismatic)
  • Chest- Kagrenac's Hope (Heavy, Infused, Prismatic)
  • Legs- Kagrenac's Hope (Light, Infused, Magic)
  • Shoulders- Magnus' Gift (Light, Divines, Magic)
  • Arms- Kagrenac's Hope (Light, Divines, Magic)
  • Legs- Kagrenac's Hope (Light, Divines, Magic)
  • Waist- Magnus' Gift (Light, DIvines, Magic)
  • Neck- Willpower (Arcane, Spell Damage)
  • Ring- Willpower (Arcane, Spell Damage)
  • Ring- Willpower (Arcane, Spell Damage)
  • Destro Staff- Magnus' Gift (Sharpened)
  • Sword- Magnus' Gift (Sharpened)
  • Sword- Magnus' Gift (Sharpened)
  • Resto Staff- Magnus' Gift (Infused, Absorb Magic)

The reason I choose Kagrenac's is it gives you almost 6 buffs. Health, magic, and magic recovery for the 4pc. The 5pc reduces the time to revive allies by 25% and gives 224 spell damage (v16 gold) which is just under the equivalent of 2 normal spell damage buffs at 258. Magnus' is just an all around good, low trait 4pc set. The prismatic glyph is a tri-stat glyph but the trick is you would need to run a health glyph anyway so using 2 of these you get the health glyph and a magic glyph as you would with single stat glyphs, but you also get a full stamina glyph with it too. You want at least 17k-20k health (including food), more if you aren't good at dodging with a Nightblade. If you have trouble with sustain, just swap a damage glyph for recovery on a ring.

Duel Wield:

  • Funnel Health (spam DPS/HoT for you and allies)
  • Crippling Grasp (DoT/speed debuff/speed buff)
  • Impale (ranged finisher)
  • Inner Light (max magic/crit)
  • Dark Cloak (DoT purge/resistance and damage buff/de-agro) or Shadow Image (More DPS/Damage debuff/Escape) or Merciless Resolve (Damage buff/High burst)
  • Soul Assault (low cost/high damage)

Destruction Staff:

  • Sap Essence (AoE/heals allies/damage buff)
  • Inner light (max magic/crit
  • Structured Entropy (HoT/damage buff/procs Might of the Guild passive/Bonus max health)
  • Harness Magikca (spell damage shield/replenishes magic)
  • Veil of Blades (huge ally heal synergy/huge AoE damage/damage reduction while in circle)

This build is made for survivability without sacrificing damage, all your damage is done from range so you can avoid any melee attacks. So just stay out of red circles, know where your healer is, keep your Absorb/Entropy/Ward up and you're good. The Destro bar is easy, put on the DoT (Crippling Grasp) which will also boost your speed, then just kite them around weaving Funnel Health/light attack. Once the bosses health is low and you want to burn them down you can, Cloak, Entropy, Soul Assult, then spam Impale. The reason I use Soul Assault instead of Meteor is because most bosses move around and Meteor does most of it's damage in the after AoE, Soul Assault does about the same damage but follows the target and costs way less. Inner light is on both bars so you don't have to keep toggling it. Mystic Orb if you never run out of magic and want to help the team manage resources, for instance the Templar feeds Shards to the tank for stamina, which cost magic and you give the magic right back to them. Or you can even run Unstable Wall of Elements for the DoT and to help the tank with CC on adds. Dark Cloak is a must, it removes negative effects and buffs resistances for 2.5 seconds. Veil of Blades is a no brainer. Damage mitigation, 18-20k heal synergy for allies, and 1.5k-2k damage give or take, every half a second. Now running all v16 gear, gold swords and staves, the DPS is REAL! With both swords on, buffed and from cloak, my soul assault now does 62k... yes 62k. That's without Merciless Resolve. While I would advise using Destro/Resto for dungeons and Maelstrom, for PvP equip them swords, swap cripple for Lotus Fan and maybe Funnel for Concealed Weapon and go to work...which by the way fully buffed Lotus is over 7k and Concealed is barely under 10k. This is with max food health/magic. Its also on a Khajit, imagine it on a High Elf or Breton with 10% more magic. That would bring you up to almost 44k magic. Another change for PvP would be put Meteor or Soul Tether on the destro bar.


  • DPS= Damage per second
  • AoE= Area of effect
  • DoT= Damage over time
  • Hot= Heal over time
  • CC= Crowd control
  • CP= Champion points

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