Light Armor

Not Bound 

Shadowspun Epaulets


Normal: 1039

Fine: 1067

Superior: 1123

Epic: 1165

Legendary: 1193

Shadowspun Epaulets is a Light Armor in The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). Shadowspun Epaulets is regular armor not part of a Set, and can be found as enemy drops, looted from containers, or crafted by the right profession. The level of the item determines its efficacy based on Battle Leveling.


Shadowspun Epaulets Information

  • Type: Light Armor
  • Level range: CP90-CP140
  • Materials Needed: 18 Void Cloth
  • Crafted by: Clothier Rank 40 (Requires Tailoring Rank IX)
  • You may be asked to craft this item as part of a Writ request.
  • See Glyphs and Traits to understand how to apply enchantments and what traits do.
  • See Sets for set details. Set items have unique naming, but share the basic defensive properties of base items.


Shadowspun Epaulets Notes & Tips

Light Armor is the least protective form of Armor in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). It is ideal for Spell Casters as it favors Magicka, Magicka Recovery and Spell Damage. As of Patch 1.6, each piece of Light Armor had 1/4 the value of each Heavy Armor piece and 1/3 the value of each Medium Armor piece.

Players who build their character focusing on the Magicka attribute will want to equip at least 5 pieces of Light Armor in order to obtain the best benefits of Light Armor Skills. The remaining two pieces can be one medium and one heavy, to benefit from the Undaunted Mettle passive. skill (which must be unlocked)



Light Armor
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