Skyshards in Shadowfen. This page shows all skyshards in the Shadowfen Region

Shadowfen Skyshards
Total Skyshards 16
Landscape: 9
Underground: 7
Dungeon: 7


  1. Above the Mages' eye between the falls. - On top of Mages Guild in Stormhold
  2. Still shrouded by spray past a western rise. - Northwest of Stillrise Wayshrine
  3. Sneak behind the relic-thieves' camp. - Southwest of Bogmother Wayshrine
  4. Beside On a bowsprit among pirates. - Northeast of Alten Coriment Wayshrine
  5. Ritual flames brew trouble in the mire. - Northeast of Percolating Mire Wayshrine
  6. Where wisps waylay wanderers. - West of Percolating Mire Wayshrine
  7. Like the sound of steam or snakes. - West of Hissmir Wayshrine
  8. Overlooking the murk of Xal Ithix. - West of Lorisael Wayshrine
  9. Imprisoned in a crumbling tower. - North of Lorisael Wayshrine
  10. Peek behind pillars in Atanaz. - Inside Atanaz Ruins (solo dungeon)
  11. Skittering, slithering, a tusk once whole. - Inside Broken Tusk (solo dungeon)
  12. Unearthed by an outlaw excavation. - Inside Chid-Moska Ruins (solo dungeon)
  13. Crown in hand, leave and look right. - Inside Gandranen Ruins (solo dungeon)
  14. Climb, little kwama, to reach your goal. - Inside Onkobra Kwama Mine (solo dungeon)
  15. Digesting in the belly of the Black Maw. - Inside Shrine of the Black Maw (solo dungeon)
  16. Deep in the den of debauchery. - Inside Sanguine's Demesne (public dungeon)


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