The Thief

Minor Constellation

The Shadow
Champion Point Investment Effects
1 (Min) 0.7%
20 12.66%
40 22.43%
60 29.37%
80 33.54%
100 (Max) 35%

Shade is a star within the Constellation The Shadow in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO).


Shade Information

This was added in Update 6 with the Champion System. It reduces the Stamina cost of moving while in Stealth by [x]%. You can put 100 Champion Points into this passive ability for a maximum of 16.0%.


With each point invested, the reduction in the " Stamina cost of of moving while in Stealth" diminishes. That is to say, for the first 10 CP invested, you would gain a 6.7% reduction in Cost. However, the next 10 CP spent (making a total of 20 CP spent), will earn you only 5.96% more reduction. This is 0.74% less than the reduction gained in the first 10 CP.

As such, spending just 32 CP into Shade will already gain you a 18.87% reduction in " Stamina of moving while in Stealth". This means you will have gained 50% of the Maximum reduction possible (which is 35.0%) by spending just 32 out of the total of 100 CP. Therefore, beyond this point, the reduction in Cost received per 1 CP used is very small and not as worthwhile.








The Shadow
Befoul  ♦  Fortune Seeker  ♦  Merchant Favored  ♦  Shadow Ward  ♦  Shadowstrike  ♦  Treasure Hunter


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