Item Set Collection system was introduced in Update 28 of Elder Scroll Online (ESO), which allows players to add almost all of their item Sets (except Crafted Sets) to the Collections, which helps collect all of ESO's gear and free up storage space.


Set Collection in Elder Scroll Online (ESO)

How Set Collection system work?

Under the Collections menu, you can find a new tab called "Sets" that categorizes all the dropped Item Sets in the game. Each time you equip, deconstruct, fence, research, or NPC vendor sell (not sell to players using the Guild Trader system), the item will be bound to your account and added to your Item Set Collection. Note that when selling an item set to a vendor, it might take some time before that set is added to your collection (it has to clear the buyback period first).

Set Collection works with most types of item sets in the game with the exception of Crafted Sets. There are separate Set Collection Categories for: Overland Sets by Faction, DLC Overland Sets, Dungeon Sets, DLC Dungeon Sets, Trials, Arenas, PVP and Miscellaneous (includes Mythic Items).


Set Reconstruction

At any Transmute Station, you will now find a new tab called “Reconstruct” that allows you to recreate any Item Set piece you have added to your Item Set Collections. You can use Transmute Crystals to recreate an item at its typical dropped quality, see the table below:


Default Quality

Base Game/DLC Overland Sets Green
Base Game/DLC Dungeon Sets Blue
Monster Helm and Shoulder Sets Purple
Normal Trial Sets Blue
Perfected Trial Sets Purple
Normal Arena Sets Blue
Perfected Arena Sets Purple
Battleground Set Armor or Jewelry Green
Battleground Set Weapons Purple
Cyrodiil Sets Green
Imperial City Sets Blue
Antiquities Orange (Mythic)


You can also spend additional crafting upgrade materials to upgrade the item's quality at the transmute station during the Reconstruction process.

The cost in Transmute Crystals is variable depending on how many pieces of that item set you have collected. Reconstruction costs 75 Transmute Crystals when you only have 1 piece of that Item Set. Reconstruction cost then scales down to a minimum of 25 Transmute Crystals once you have collected every single piece of that Item Set.

The cost of using upgrade materials to improve the quality of your reconstructed item is dependent on your character's crafting passives for that item type and scales down exactly as it would if you were upgrading that item at a regular crafting station.

You can recreate the item in any trait you want as long as your character has that trait researched. No trait stone is consumed in this process.

Your newly-created item will be marked as “reconstructed” and cannot be traded or sold, but you can deconstruct it to get a small refund of 25 Transmute Crystals.



Most Reconstructed Items scale in level based on the character you are using to Reconstruct that item. For example, for a level 25 character, most items will appear as level 25 in the Reconstruction menu. 


Minimum Level

Base Game/DLC Overland Sets Any Level
Base Game/DLC Dungeon Sets Any Level
Monster Helm and Shoulder Sets Level 50 CP 10
Normal Trial Sets Any Level
Perfected Trial Sets Level 50 CP 10
Arena Sets Level 50 CP 10
PVP Sets Any Level
Antiquities Level 50 CP 10


Set Collection Notes & Tips

  • Monster Sets have 6 total pieces to collect
  • Mythics items can be reconstructed for 25 transmute crystals each.
  • Normal and Perfected Weapons or Armor Sets count as separate collectible sets.


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