Selene's Web is a 4-man dungeon in Elder Scrolls Online. It is located in towards the southwestern corner at Reaper's March. The dungeon is a cave filled with poisonous spiders and other creatures. The Island has a total of 6 bosses, of which 3 are mini bosses. Players can use the Group & Activity Finder tool to easily find groups to tackle this dungeon with.

Veteran Walkthrough & Strategies

Selene's Web, as the name suggests, is set around a spider-infested cave. The bosses mainly deal poison damage, so come prepared. The bosses are not difficult to defeat if you have in your group a tank, a healer and two dps.

Treethane Keminn

Miniboss Level 

Boss Mechanics: This boss is assisted by ads. Kerminn uses a raven AOE which essentially pulls all players towards him and then pellets them with ravens that do medium amounts of damage. The AOE is marked with a red circle under Kerminn and can be avoided by staying out of that circle. Kerminn also does a Whirlwind AOE which can be avoided by staying away from the area during the attack.

Strategy: Deal with the ads first, and just avoid the occasional AOE. The miniboss should be an easy kill.


Boss Level 

Boss Mechanics:

  • Four named Panther spirit ads that deal basic melee damage and need to be defeated before Longclaw can be fought.
  • Longclaw additionally summons additional Senche tigers throughout the fight every time one dies.
  • Volley of Arrows that drop on the red circled locations.
  • Poisonous clouds around Longclaw that deal a lot of damage to melee players and can make attacking troublesome

Strategy: Attack and kill the named Panther spirits first to activate Longclaw. Don't try to kill his Senche tiger spirits as Longclaw would just immediately summon more upon death. Instead manage or control the spirits using your standard AOE crowd control tactics. Avoid the simple AOE attacks that Longclaw uses and just rain down fire upon him till he dies.

Queen Aklayah

Miniboss Level 

Boss Mechanics:

  • The Queen casts a red circle usually around the tank which follows them around. Other players should stay away from that player during that time and the tank should not try to run away as it is not possible.
  • Random cone attack

Strategy: It is important for the player who gets a red circle cast on him to stay away from the rest of the group to avoid causing them damage. The random cone attacks can be easily avoided. The Queen has low health and can be finished off quickly.


Boss Level 

Boss Mechanics:

  • Stomp AOE that knocks down everyone in front of him. This can deal heavy damage if not avoided.
  • Selene's Roses are summoned upon every stomp (These are harmless and can be ignored)
  • Random charges marked with a red line pointing the direction of charge
  • Shout AOE that can be escaped using Stamina.

Strategy: Just avoid the heavy charges and stomps and you should be fine. Foulhide is a large bear that can deal large amounts of damage, but his size is also his weakness. He is big and slow, making it easy to avoid his attacks.

Mennir Many-Legs

Minioss Level 

Boss Mechanics:

  • LOTS of spider ads. They don't have much health though.
  • Shock AOE that can deal large amounts of damage

Strategy: Deal with all the ads as they are summoned and attack Mennir Many-Legs in the meanwhile. He should be easily defeated.


Final Boss Level 

Boss Mechanics:

  • Like Treethane Kerninn, Selene uses a raven AOE which essentially pulls all players towards her and then pellets them with ravens that do medium amounts of damage.
  • Humanoid mob spawns everytime the AOE is used. These will include healers that need to be dealt with quickly.
  • Foulhide Spirit spawn that can deal heavy damage. It is a melee attack.
  • Ranged attack that can do large amounts of damage. The attack involves summoning of a Senche Tiger spirit that will attack distant players. This attack is unavoidable and can deal excessive amounts of damage.

Strategy: The fight will take place in 2 stages. First you will have to defeat Selene as a giant spider. When her health is halved, she then turns into a more human form in which she does more damage than the previous stage. The key to defeating her is to use Stamina to break free of her webs and quickly deal with the spawned ads, especially the healers. Attacking Selene constantly is the best way to defeat her.


  • ??

Elden Hollow Information

  • Location: Reaper's March
  • Suggested Level: 
  • Final Boss: Selene
  • Achievements: 1


  • Selene's Web: Defeat Foulhide, Longclaws and Selene.


Selene's Web Map




Set Drop

NPCs in the area

  • Journeyman Mirondil

Notable Items

  • ??


  • ??


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