Search and Rescue is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Search and Rescue Bestowal

"Noxious fumes have leaked into Deepcrag Den, a kwama mine. The workers fell ill and the normally docile kwama became enraged."



  • Harvest Aloe Leaves or Redweed
  • Find Plants for Edrasa
  • Deliver the Plants
  • Find Boril Drelas in Deepcrag Den
  • Give Potion to Miners
  • Stop Fumes in Middle and Lower Chambers
  • Find Renvis
  • Disturb the Kwama Egg
  • Kill the Hive Guardian
  • Talk to Renvis
  • Confront Edrasa Drelas
  • Return the Amulet to Edrasa Drelas
  • Give the Amulet to Boril Drelas

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