Tharayya's Trail: Trace a Dwemer researcher through the ruins of Alik'r: obtained by Tharayya Journal Entry: 2
1 skyshard, in the room farthest to the right
Point of Interest.pngAchievements / Books
Santaki_Ruins_Explorer.png - Santaki Ruins Explorer: 10 points - Explore and clear Santaki Ruins.

Santaki is a delve located south of Sentinel in The Elder Scrolls Online. This dungeon grants a quest, contains a Skyshard, and has Provisioning materials and several Books. This dungeon contains the Right leg of Precursor for the Precursor Maker.

Santaki Map

Map_alikr_desert_Public_Dungeons_small.jpg eso_santaki_map

Group Boss.pngBosses


Tarrent Herano
  • Location: 261719, 844238
  • Strategy: ??
  • Possible Loot: ??

Image of boss goes here

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      skyshard is in the little alcove that is the farthest east you can go inside the delve. Quest marker is in the small circular room in the center, Boss is in the small north room that shows water on the map.

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