Saint's Mercy


Asylum Sanctorium


Saint's Beatified Coffer
Very High Leveled Gold

Saint's Mercy is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. It is part of the Clockwork City DLC. This is a Weekly repeatable quest for the trial Asylum Sanctorium.

Quest Information

Three Dark Elf Saints were granted the gift of immortality, in the form of ageless mechanical bodies created by the god Sotha Sil, at the price of their sanity. Now their madness poses a significant threat to the Clockwork City.





  • Alienist Llandras believes he can no longer contain the power of the Saints and accepted my offer of assistance. I must defeat their mechanical forms so that the black soul gems housing their souls may be recovered.
  • Defeat Saint Felms, Saint Llothis and Saint Olms




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