Restoring Order is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Restoring Order Bestowal

" A strong Covenant raiding force landed west of Ebonheart. The citizens are too busy with their own internal squabbles to unite against invaders. Drathus Othral fears the town may fall to Alexandra Conele's forces. "



  • Talk to Drathus Othral
  • Convince the Nords
  • Convince the Argonians
  • Convince the Dark Elves
  • Talk to Drathus Othral
  • Go to Rhavil's House
  • Follow Rhavil Urano from a Distance
  • Wait for Rhavil to Leave
  • Investigate the Shack
  • Examine the Desk
  • Leave the Shack
  • Search Rhavil Urano's House
  • Defeat Rhavil Urano
  • Talk to Drathus Othral

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