Reclaiming Vos




Dratha's Epaulettes of the War Maiden
Average Leveled

Reclaiming Vos is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online.

Quest Information

The powerful Telvanni mage, Mistress Dratha, teeters on the brink of death. Now her replacement, Master Savarak, rules Vos with an iron fist. The situation seems dire.



  • Gray-Skies



  • Talk to Gray-Skies.
  • Talk to Savarak Fels in the Vos Gathering House.
  • Talk to Llayne Sadri at Tel Mora.
  • Investigate Savarak's Manse.
  • Return to Llayne.
  • Meet with Nerandas at the wharf.
  • Investigate Tel Mora tower.
  • Return to Llayne.
  • Meet with Menwendel at her nursery.
  • Talk to Gray-Skies.
  • Follow the clues to the Black Snails' hideout.
  • Find Menwendel.
  • Find Nerandas.
  • Locate a toxin sample.
  • Return to Tel Mora.
  • Find Llayne in Vos.
  • Defeat Savarak.
  • Return to Llayne.




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