Recipe: Witchmother's Party Punch

 Recipe: Witchmother's Party Punch







Alcohol base

/file/Elder-Scrolls-Online/bervez_juice.png Bervez Juice

Tea base

/file/Elder-Scrolls-Online/rye.png Rye

Tonic base

/file/Elder-Scrolls-Online/lotus.png Lotus


/file/Elder-Scrolls-Online/lemon.png Lemon




for 120 minutes

Recipe: Witchmother's Party Punch is a Drink Provisioning recipe in Elder Scrolls Online. Recipes have to be found in the world, usually inside barrels and crates, and then consumed to be learned. Recipes are not bound to account, and can be sold to other players.


Recipe: Witchmother's Party Punch Information

Creates /file/Elder-Scrolls-Online/witchmothers_party_punch.png Witchmother's Party Punch

Increase Magicka Recovery, Stamina Recovery, and Health Recovery by 319 for 2 hours. These effects are scaled based on your level.









Notes & Tips


  • Witches Festival



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White Merlot  ♦  Recipe: Surilie Syrah Wine  ♦  Recipe: Sweet and Sour Port  ♦  Recipe: Sweet Dreams Tea  ♦  Recipe: Sweet Lemonale  ♦  Recipe: Sweet Persistence  ♦  Recipe: Sweet Scamp Mazte  ♦  Recipe: Sweet Scented Infusion  ♦  Recipe: Sweet Slaughterfish Tea  ♦  Recipe: Sweetberry Tonic  ♦  Recipe: Sweetsting Tea  ♦  Recipe: Sylph Gin  ♦  Recipe: Taneth Coffee  ♦  Recipe: Tawny Port  ♦  Recipe: Tears of Joy  ♦  Recipe: Telvanni Tea  ♦  Recipe: Ten Ogres Tonic  ♦  Recipe: Ten-Foot Beer  ♦  Recipe: Thrassian Chai  ♦  Recipe: Timber Mammoth Ale  ♦  Recipe: Tingle Tonic Tea  ♦  Recipe: Tonal Architect Tonic  ♦  Recipe: Tonsil Tingle Tonic  ♦  Recipe: Torval Mint Tea  ♦  Recipe: Tranquility Pale Ale  ♦  Recipe: Treacleberry Tea  ♦  Recipe: Truth-Glimpse  ♦  Recipe: Tsaesci Tea  ♦  Recipe: Two-Zephyr Tea  ♦  Recipe: Vaermina's Nightmare  ♦  Recipe: Velothi View Vintage Malbec  ♦  Recipe: Vigilance Gold Ale  ♦  Recipe: Vivec's Gingergreen Chai  ♦  Recipe: Vvardenfell Flin  ♦  Recipe: Wamasu Spew  ♦  Recipe: West Weald Wallop  ♦  Recipe: Whiskey Sour  ♦  Recipe: White-Eye Whiskey  ♦  Recipe: Wide-Eye Double Rye  ♦  Recipe: Winter Rose Tea  ♦  Recipe: Witchmother's Potent Brew  ♦  Recipe: Wizard's Whiskey  ♦  Recipe: Xanmeer Brandy  ♦  Recipe: Yellow Goblin Tonic  ♦  Recipe: Yerba Syrah Wine  ♦  Recipe: Yerba Zinger Tonic  ♦  Recipe: Yokudan Sorrow Bourbon  ♦  Recipe: Ysgramor's Harbinger Lager


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      I'm having an Issue where I already clicked the book for the recipe but it's not showing up on any cooking fires to make it and I'm not sure why anyone else having this issue or do I need somewhere specific to make it

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