Ratting Them Out




Low Leveled Gold

Ratting Them Out is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

Guard Rila wants me to slow down a group of agitated citizens to keep them from getting killed. She asked me to disrupt their meeting by using something they fear. I need rats.



  • Nilyne Hlor



  • Catch three rats around Narsis and set them free near Madras' secret meeting.
  • Talk to Sergeant Rila Lenith.
  • Talk to Varon Davel in the Hlaalu Kinhouse.





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    • Anonymous

      Received the same "out of range" issue as everyone else. I play in first person view. I switched to 3rd person and dropped the rats right next to Sergeant Rila Lenith and voila, it worked.

      • Anonymous

        I thought it was bugged as well but I tried to approach from the road, slowly and then I released the rats right away when the prompt to do so first appeared. Worked for me! I released them well before the stairs, Rila being almost next to me.

        • Anonymous

          I'm having the same issue, no matter where I stand by the door I can't use the bag of rats, it just says 'Out of Range' every time I try. I can't use the door either. Have abandoned and restarted the quest 3 times and even restarted the game. This is the fourth mission I've been unable to complete due to glitches like this

          • Anonymous

            I can't drop the rats. It constantly says "out of range" and I can't open the door. Anyone know what to do?

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