Quieting a Heart is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Quieting a Heart Bestowal

" Bala, an Ashlander, is searching for her deceased lover, Eanen Varam. In life, he was part of House Dunmer, so their status kept them apart. They promised each other to unite in death, but now, she can't find his tomb. "


Bala's Engagement Chain
106 Gold


  • Talk to Bala
  • Collect Graven Caps
  • Talk to Bala
  • Use Dust on Eanen's Tomb
  • Search the Family Falaal Tomb
  • Search the Family Indaren Tomb
  • Search the Family Baryon Tomb
  • Search the Family Varem Tomb
  • Talk to Eanen
  • Talk to Bala

Prerequisite Quest

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