Quick Recovery



The Warrior

Minor Constellation

The Lord
Champion Point Investment Effects
20 5.46%
40 9.64%
60 12.57%
80 14.34%
100 (Max) 15%

Quick Recovery is a star within the Constellation the Lord in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO).



Quick Recovery Information

This was added in Update 6 with the Champion System. It increases the effectiveness of healing received by [x]%. You can put 100 Champion Points into this passive ability for a maximum of 15% increase of effectiveness.




Quick Recovery affects the effectiveness of ALL self heals and heals from others. For example, healing received from Devouring Swarm.png Devouring Swarm, Blood Craze.png Blood Craze or Puncturing Sweep.png Puncturing Sweep etc. will be more powerful (than without any points in Quick Recovery), regardless of the caster's healing abilities. As such, a character with more points in Quick Recovery, is able to restore more health per second in battle than a character with not as many points invested.




With each point invested, the increase in effectiveness of healing received diminishes. That is to say, for the first 10 CP invested, you would gain a 2.9% increase in your Effectiveness. However, the next 10 CP spent (making a total of 20 CP spent), will earn you only 2.56% more Effectiveness. This is 0.34% less than the increase gained in the first 10 CP.

As such, spending just 32 CP into Quick Recovery will already gain you a 8.12% increase in the Effectiveness of healing received. This means you will have gained 50% of the Maximum increase possible (which is 15%) by spending just 32 out of the total of 100 CP. Therefore, beyond this point, the increase in Effectiveness received per 1 CP used is very small and not as worthwhile.


The Lord
Bastion  ♦  Determination  ♦  Expert Defender  ♦  Field Physician  ♦  Heavy Armor Focus  ♦  Infusion  ♦  Revival


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    • Anonymous

      Quick Recovery apply to potions.02 Jun 2016 05:23  

      I tested with 0 vs 100 Champion Points and it does not apply to potions drank. Yip,

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