Questionable Contract


Reaper's March, Willowgrove, Willowgrove Cavern


Pircalmo's Rimestaff
Very High Leveled Gold

Questionable Contract is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO).

Quest Information

The Wood Elf brewing town of Willowgrove is trying to expand their beehives. They've hired help to clear the forest. This help appears to have suffered some difficulties.



  • Ragalvir



  • Talk to Treethane Ranneth.
  • (Optional) Talk to Alanya Softpetals.
  • Find Pircalmo's ritual notes.
  • Talk to Pircalmo.
  • Gather the ritual components.
  • Talk to Pircalmo.
  • Collect the atronach cores.
  • Return to Pircalmo.
  • Discover the source of corruption.
  • Talk to Ranneth in town.
  • Talk to Pircalmo.
  • Return to Ranneth.



  • Note: Collect Heartwood - You can find them inside various houses 
  • Video Guide: Click here 
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