Pumpkin Spectre Mask

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Location Plunder Skull during The Witches Festival


Pumpkin Spectre Mask is a helm in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO).


It's a Witches Festival tradition to masquerade as Hollowjack the Pumpkin Spectre, menacing the adults and mock-frightening the timid. If that sounds like fun to you, this mask is just what you're looking for.


How to get Pumpkin Spectre Mask

You must complete the quest The Witchmother's Bargain and use the buff from the Witchmothere's Whistle to transform into an undead. This can only be done during The Witches Festival.

Once you are undead, defeat any world bosses, delve and group dungeon / trial bosses, or dolment bosses to obtain Plunder Skulls. This mask can rarely be found in Plunder Skulls. It comes inside a Runebox: Pumpkin Spectre Mask item, which can be traded with other players even after the event ends.


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