Provisioning Leveling Guide

Leveling up provisioning is an easy task, as all you must do is find recipes and craft their products.

Unlike other professions, there is no need to deconstruct or to craft higher tier items, green recipes are enough to grant you experience, and there are plenty of ingredients available to be used.


Product Level Inspiration gained from craft
1 5 1,500
1 10 3,000
1 15 4,500
2 20 6,000
2 25 7,500
3 30 9,000
3 35 10,500
4 40 12,000
4 45 13,500


Crafting Writs are a very important part of provisioning, as they have chances to yield special materials. Finding the recipes for crafting can be challenging, and your best bet is to visit your guild bank or store to find other players selling what you need.

  • Quest Giver: Consumables Crafting Writs Board
  • Prerequisite Quest: Provisioner Certification
  • Rewards: Provisioner's Coffer and Provisioning Inspiration
  • Recipes:
Provisioning Reward Food Recipe (1) Drink recipe (1) Turn-in
1 Provisioner's Pack I
1,000 Inspiration
Baked Potato
Banana Surprise
Chicken Breast
Baked Apples
Carrot Soup
Fishy Stick
Chicken Breast
Grape Preserves
Roast Corn
Red Rye Beer
Four-Eye Grog
Golden Lager
Lemon Flower Mazte
Surilie Syrah Wine
Bog Iron Ale
Clarified Syrah Wine
Nut Brown Ale
Consortium Trading Post
aldmeri_icon.png: Vulkhel Guard in Auridon
daggerfall_icon.png: Daggerfall in Glenumbra
ebonheart_icon.png: Davon's Watch in Stonefalls
2 Provisioner's Pack II
2,000 Inspiration
Garlic Pumpkin Seeds
Nibenese Garlic Carrots
Whiterun Cheese Baked Trout
Alik'r Beets with Goat Cheese
Breton Pork Sausage
Pellitine Tomato Rice
Battaglir Chowder
Redoran Peppered Melon
Venison Pasty
Barley Nectar
Mermaid Whiskey
Treacleberry Tea
Ginger Wheat Beer
Gossamer Mazte
Seaflower Tea
Bitterlemon Tea
Eltheric Hooch
Honey Rye
Alliance Supply Depot
aldmeri_icon.png: Elden Root in Grahtwood
daggerfall_icon.png: Wayrest in Stormhaven
ebonheart_icon.png: Mournhold in Deshaan
3 Provisioner's Pack III
4,000 Inspiration
Chorrol Corn on the Cob
Cyrodilic Pumpkin Fritters
Elinhir Roast Antelope
Cinnamon Grape Jelly
Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Senchal Curry Fish and Rice
Hare in Garlic Sauce
Jerall View Inn Carrot Cake
Stormhold Baked Bananas
Sorry, Honey Lager
Spiceberry Chai
Spiced Mazta
Mulled Wine
Nereid Wine
Torval Mint Tea
Maormer Tea
Sour Mash
Refugee Relief Site
aldmeri_icon.png: Marbruk in Greenshade
daggerfall_icon.png: Shornhelm in Rivenspire
ebonheart_icon.png: Stormhold in Shadowfen
4 Provisioner's Pack IV
6,000 Inspiration
Mammoth Snout Pie
Skyrim Jazbay Crostata
Cyrodilic Cornbread
Two-Zephyr Tea
Blue Road Marathon
Fighters Guild Provisioner
aldmeri_icon.png: Velyn Harbor in Malabal Tor
daggerfall_icon.png: Sentinel in Alik'r Desert
ebonheart_icon.png: Windhelm in Eastmarch
5 Provisioner's Pack V
8,000 Inspiration
Millet-Stuffed Pork Loin
Orcrest Garlic Apple Jelly
West Weald Corn Chowder
Comely Wench Whisky
Aetherial Tea
Grandpa's Bedtime Tonic
Mages Guild Locus
Hollow City in Coldharbour
6 Provisioner's Pack VI
10,000 Inspiration
Argonian Saddle-Cured Rabbit
Fresh Apples and Eidar Cheese
Pickled Carrot Slurry
Arenthian Brandy
Khenarthi's Wings Chai
Sipping Imga Tonic
Belkarth Quartermaster
Belkarth in Craglorn
7 Provisioner's Pack VII
10,000 Inspiration
Lilmoth Garlic Hagfish
Firsthold Fruit and Cheese Plate
Hearty Garlic Corn Chowder
Markarth Mead
Muthsera's Remorse
Hagraven's Tonic
Only available if you own Orsinium DLC
Otherwise writs will remain at Level 6
Orsinium Quartermaster
Orsinium in Wrothgar



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