Prophet: As I feared, we arrived in different locations. I am in a city near the sea, in a land of eternal spring. The air smells of the Ocean, and of markets, and gardens. It matters not. You have awakened once again, and we must set you on your path.

Player: Awakened?
Prophet: The voyage between worlds was both chaotic and violent. It deposited us both in Tamriel, but some distance apart - and quite unceremoniously, upon our heads. I lost consciousness myself for a time.

Player: What should I do now?
Prophet: For the time being, your journey must continue without me. Venture outside. Explore this new place and learn what you can. Expose the agents of Molag Bal wherever you find them, for their means are perfidious, and their scheming, ever-present.

Player: When will I see you again?.
Prophet: I cannot foresee that. Not yet. But we will meet again. There is still much we need to accomplish.

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