Prophet: Thank the Divines, you're safe! There is that, at least. Lyris sacrificed everything, that we might go free. Her sacrifice must not be in vain.

Player: Can we find a way to take her with us?
Prophet: I wish that were possible. But I promise you, once we escape Coldharbour we will find a way to rescue her together, Vestige.

Player: Vestige?
Prophet: That is the name I have given you. You are but a trace of your former self. A Soulless one. An empty vessel that longs to be filled. It is as the Scrolls foretold, but not exactly as I imagined.

Player: Why does Lyris call you the Prophet?
Prophet: That is what I have come to be called. My true name is lost, even to me. Years of torment have taken their toll. Quickly now, we must make haste to the Anchor!

Player: Anchor?
Prophet: The Anchors are Daedric machines of the darkest magic. Their chains bind our world and pull it towards Coldharbour. I can use one of these anchors to return us to Tamriel, but you must lead me to it.

Player: All right. Stay close then.

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