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Precursor as a furnishing target dummy

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Precursor Maker is an Achievement in The Elder Scrolls Online. This page offers a complete guide on how to obtain the coveted reward. 


Precursor Maker Information

Collect and install all of the parts necessary to reconstruct the Precursor factotum. (None of the pieces require any of the other DLCs to find.)

The first part, the Integral of Memory, is found in the Mnemonic Planisphere as part of the quest The Precursor, which begins in the Brass Fortress. You can find any of the other pieces before starting the quest, but you cannot install the items until you have completed the quest, so they will take up space in your backpack. (They are not considered quest items, so they will take up inventory space, but they cannot be placed in your bank or transferred to other characters in any way.)



Criteria List

  1. Integral of Memory - Clockwork City, in the Mnemonic Planisphere
  2. Left arm - Yldzuun (Alik'r)
  3. Right arm - Klathzgar (Bangkorai)
  4. Left leg - Avanchnzel (The Rift)
  5. Right leg - Santaki (Alik'r)
  6.  Pelvis - Lower Bthanual (Deshaan)
  7. Chestpiece - Aldunz (Alik'r)
  8. Spine - Mzulft (Eastmarch)[Quest hub not a delve]
  9. Left hand - Inner Sea Armature (Stonefalls)
  10. Right hand - Mzithumz (Deshaan
  11. Dynamo core - Bthzark (Stros M'kai) - Requires "Buried Secrets" quest, which is acquireable both outside and inside the delve
  12. Integral of calculus - Mechanical Fundament (Clockwork City)
  13. Integral of introspection - Near the Ventral Terminus (Clockwork City)
  14.  Integral of reason - Machine District (Clockwork City) - Requires "Lost in the Gloam" quest, which is the 5th main story quest
  15. Nullification staff - Bthanual (Deshaan)


Precursor Maker guide

This guide for the Precursor Maker achievement was published by Saturn on the official forums. Added here with permission!

The Precursor Maker is a collectible achievement in the DLC, Clockwork City. First off, a big thanks to my friend zeroIndex  for helping me locate some of the last few pieces, and spending several hours scouring the Clockwork City for the Integral of Reason with me.

*Originally posted on the PTS forum September 22nd.*

NOTE: There is a bug that may occur if you do not activate the quest before collecting all of the parts. This bug will block you from completing the subsequent follow-up quest, which gives you the reward. (Thanks to Phage for reporting it)

Below are hints for those just needing a little help to complete it on their own, as well as my video guide showing where to find each collectible for those just looking to complete it.

I found the following 2014 thread by to be a great help when searching for potential Dwemer delves out in Tamriel:

The Achievement:


Hints / General Information about the Achievement:

  • To start the intro quest for the Precursor Maker you have to locate either Assistant Zanon's Workshop or activate the quest via the notice board, north of the bank inside the Brass Fortress.
  • After doing the intro quest to find the Integral of Memory, the Precursor will give you a random clue to locate one of his missing parts. These clues are extremely vague, often just pointing to a specific zone, but can be helpful if you are stuck. The clues for the three Integral collectibles in Clockwork City are a bit more specific, though.
  • Every single collectible piece found in Tamriel is inside a Dwemer delve, found in the main game (i.e. no other DLCs are required), and there can be several per zone, depending on the number of Dwemer delves available.
  • Two of the collectibles require quests to access, those being the Dynamo (Buried Secrets) and the Integral of Reason (Lost in the Gloam).
  • It is possible to collect all the parts before picking up the quest, and does save you a lot of time (if you know where they are) compared to constantly going back and forth to install parts.
  • Compared to previous collectible achievements this one right behind Ancestral Tombs Hunter in terms of difficulty, but still nowhere near as hard as Litany of Blood.

Locations of each Collectible (ordered after the achievement):

  1. Left arm - Yldzuun (Alik'r)
  2. Right arm - Klathzgar (Bangkorai)
  3. Left leg - Avanchnzel (The Rift)
  4. Right leg - Santaki (Alik'r)
  5.  Pelvis - Lower Bthanual (Deshaan)
  6. Chestpiece - Aldunz (Alik'r)
  7. Spine - Mzulft (Eastmarch)
  8. Left hand - Inner Sea Armature (Stonefalls)
  9. Right hand - Mzithumz (Deshaan) [Not a delve - Quest hub north of Mournhold]
  10. Dynamo core - Bthzark (Stros M'kai) - Requires "Buried Secrets" quest, which is acquireable both outside and inside the delve
  11. Integral of calculus - Mechanical Fundament (Clockwork City)
  12. Integral of introspection - Near the Ventral Terminus (Clockwork City)
  13.  Integral of reason - Machine District (Clockwork City) - Requires "Lost in the Gloam" quest, which is the 5th main story quest
  14. Nullification staff - Bthanual (Deshaan)

Precursor Maker Video Guide:


Precursor Maker Reward:

The reward is literally the Precursor as a furnishing target dummy. He has ~300k health and makes a comment whenever you hit him, as well as when he is killed and respawns. As far as I am aware it is possible to obtain the Precursor dummy several times, if you were to do the achievement on multiple characters, so to those players wanting to assemble a robot army, your time is nigh!



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    • Anonymous

      Most importantly why not stArt with telling where to get the quests instead of showing the achievement first?

      • chest piece loc: aldunz_base={{.744,.779,40}}, That is lower right hand corner of the map, in the passage way which leads to the boss. It is under a gear sticking out of the floor almost to the corner of the tunnel.

        • Anonymous


          I found the miniature dynamo as part of the D"Buried Secrets" quest. I had so little storage space I destroyed it as it had no obvious practical use and kept using up valuable space. Can I still make the Precursor?

          • Anonymous

            Anyone struggling to find parts feel free to check out my YouTube playlist for all the locations - YouTube - Hazey Gamers

            • Anonymous

              I had completed the Buried Secrets quest long ago. When I went in just now to find the part needed from there, it was nowhere to be found.

              • Anonymous

                Do you have to complete the other 23 quests prior to this one being available? I have done 22/24 so far and it wont let me pick this one up from the notice board

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