Info from the Q&A with Zenimax Lead pvp designer Brain Wheeler.
  • Cyrodil will be more like oblivion but a lot spread out.Will take around 25-30 minutes to go end to end
  • There will be opportunities for players to show their skill as we also have blocking, roll dodging, and sneaking up on enemy players without getting detected.
  • The comprehension of public messages between players will be blocked between Alliances (it just gets flat out suppressed and enemy Alliances don't see public messages or zone chat from the enemy).
  • Guilds can claim 1 keep, farm, lumbermill, or mine at a time (only 1...not 1 of each). Claiming is simply done by talking with the Quartermaster at those locations.

  • Passives you purchase with skill points are always active regardless of where you are or what you have equipped unless they are armor or weapon specific passives. In that case, they are only active when you have that armor or weapon equipped.
  • You can be effective with your weapons and armor and skills gained from anywhere in the world.
  • Weapons, Armor and Jewelry attained from dungeons, questing, crafting and PVP will be useful in Cyrodiil to you in combat. There will be sets available in PVP that aren't available elsewhere with a unique look to them and set bonuses, but they are not required to "win" in combat.
  • Leaderboards are available in the game itself which is quite awesome! These leaderboards update roughly every 10 minutes or so and can be filtered by specific Class, Alliance and Overall leaders within a Campaign.
  • Guild stores in Keeps (and resources) are available when a guild claims a keep or resource (farm, lumbermill, mine). The Quartermaster will then show the Guild Store to anyone that interacts with him/her and players can purchase whatever the guild that owns the claim has posted in their Guild Store.
  • The PVP Currency is Alliance Points which you earn from killing players, capturing locations, defending locations and completing Alliance War Quests for scouting, capturing, and killing. Also note that a large gold reward is granted at the end of a Campaign time period depending on how well your Alliance did as well as how well you did. There are also rewards for placing high on the Leaderboards at the end of Campaigns as well as staying within your Campaign rewarding loyalty to not only your Alliance, but fellow Campaign members. You can buy gear with these Alliance points and you'll get new titles as you rank up in the war. Lastly, you get good old fashioned experience to level up by killing players and completing quests in Cyrodiil as well.

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