The Elder Scrolls Online v3.0.8 continues to address queuing issues affecting Battlegrounds, though we are still working on the issue where you are continually receiving a message that someone has declined the Ready Check. This patch also has several fixes for Warden abilities, Halls of Fabrication, and more. The size of this patch is approximately 180MB.


  • Fixes & Improvements
    • Morrowind
    • Imperial City DLC Game Pack
    • Base Game Patch
      • Exploration & Itemization
      • UI



  • You will now consistently have the effects from a Relic applied to you if you dodge roll through it.
  • Fixed an issue where you would be auto-queued for a Battleground after completing a match, putting you into a state where you would get stuck in the queue without being able to leave.


  • Animal Companions
    • Dive: Fixed an issue where weapon swapping after casting this ability and its morphs would cause the enemy's health to not update based on the damage they took.
  • Green Balance
    • Lotus Flower: This ability and its morphs will now critically strike based on your highest critical strike rating, instead of only your Spell Critical rating.
  • Winter's Embrace
    • Shimmering Shield (Crystallized Shield morph): Fixed an issue where the Major Heroism buff from this morph was being removed by other abilities that grant Minor Heroism.

Halls of Fabrication Trial

  • The Hunter-Killer Fabricants' Proximity Static beam will no longer hit targets outside the visual width of the beam.
  • The beam from Transformer Arcs will no longer hit targets outside the visual width of the beam.
  • Spheres summoned as part of the Hunter-Killer Fabricant fight will no longer get into a state in which they cannot target the last living player character.
  • The Hunter-Killer Fabricants are no longer vulnerable to Shock effects.
  • The Assembly General will now correctly award points when defeated in Hard Mode.
  • Divayth Fyr will repeat himself less often while you engage the Pinnacle Factotum.


  • Magister Makes a Move: Fixed an issue where Florrina was occasionally not appearing properly.


  • Updated the Battlegrounds' Pit Daemons score and Death Recap icon to utilize the correct one.



  • You can no longer use Frozen Gate to pull other players into spawn locations in Imperial City. You can also no longer cast Nature's Grasp abilities to get back into respawn locations.
  • When resurrecting to a Cyrodiil Keep from Imperial City, you will now actually be sent to the Keep rather than resurrecting in place or falling to your doom.



  • Fixed an issue where Maelstrom's Bow would lose an enchantment charge every time Volley and its morphs dealt damage. It should now only lose one charge for each cast of Volley and its morphs.

Gamepad Mode

  • Fixed an issue after subtracting a single Champion Point from a Star, additional points from that Star would be subtracted without additional input.

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