The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited v2.0.9 is an incremental patch that fixes an issue with Ultimate not generating, along with a few other items. This patch is approximately 230MB in size.


Combat & Gameplay

  • Fixed an issue where using some abilities or passives would not generate Ultimate. This includes the following:
    • All healing abilities
    • Prism
    • Mountain's Blessing
    • Transfer

Dungeons & Group Content

Veteran Dungeons
  • Veteran Elden Hollow
    • Bogdan the Nightflame will now wait a bit longer to cast Pulverize if he just completed casting Daedric Flame, and will also wait to cast Daedric Flame after finishing Pulverize.

Exploration & Itemization

Item Sets
  • Skirmisher's Bite: Fixed an issue where this item set's tooltip incorrectly stated it was increasing critical strike by a percentage; it now correctly displays a flat value.

Quests & Zones

  • Slithering Brood: Takara the Eggbearer will now respawn more reliably if she or any of her guardians get stuck.

  • Two doors in Grahtwood that were not meant for entry at this time have been sealed.


  • Fixed an issue where an offline group member could become the group leader in the event that the current group leader left or logged off.

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