The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited v2.0.7 is an incremental patch that addresses a number of issues with dismounting, Fear effects dropping you through the world, boosts several Dwemer-area lootable containers, and more. Also note that the Morihaus campaign that was opened for Welcome Back Weekend will be closed in this patch. The size for this patch is approximately 1.4GB with French VO, and 240MB with English or German VO.


Alliance War

  • Anyone that currently has a campaign will be receiving a free home campaign reassignment.

Art & Animation

  • Fixed an issue where monsters spawned from Dark Anchors would not display the proper effects.

Combat & Gameplay

  • Fixed an issue where Fear effects were causing you to fall through the world.
  • Animations will now play properly when you are forced to dismount.
  • You will now have the correct animation when you immediately attempt to remount after being forcibly dismounted.
  • You will no longer be dismounted when trying to mount shortly after sneaking.
  • Fixed an issue where combat pets would go idle after being hit by an AoE attack, and not respond to any attack or recall commands.
  • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in a state where you were moving faster than intended.

Dungeons & Group Content

Veteran Dungeons
  • Veteran Crypt of Hearts
    • Mezeluth's Fire Runes will no longer damage player characters that are being levitated by her Fulminating Void ability.

Exploration & Itemization

  • Significantly increased the number of lootable Dwemer containers in a number of locations. All Dwemer locations will now contain an approximately proportional number of containers for their overall size.
    • Increased Inner Sea Armature containers by 50%
    • Increased Santaki containers by approximately 50%
    • Increased Razak's Wheel containers by approximately 125%
    • Increased Lower Bthanual containers by approximately 300%
    • Increased Yldzuun containers by approximately 400%


  • Fixed a commonly-occurring issue after Update 6 was released, specifically affecting Windows 8, where your game could crash.


  • Fixed an issue where you could not re-enter reticle mode after using “Buy Multiple” at a vendor.

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