Patch Notes V1.5.3


The Elder Scrolls Online v1.5.3 fixes a number of issues that appeared after Update 5 was published. This includes issues within combat, crafting writs, dungeons, UI, and more. We have also increased the amount of XP you receive from lower-level monsters, which should alleviate the feeling of slow leveling within Veteran Ranks. We are aware that there are still issues surrounding the LFG tool, and are still working on a fix for this.

Please note that several of the fixes and improvements intended to be in the deployment of today's v1.5.3 incremental patch didn't make it onto the North American and European megaservers.


Art & Animation

  • Fixed an issue where the emote /leanbackcoin would not properly animate.

Combat & Gameplay

  • Fixed an issue where you would raise your fists instead of holding your weapon after equipping certain kinds of weapons.

Crafting & Economy

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent items from being tracked correctly during some crafting writ quests.
  • Crafting writs will no longer ask you to deliver to other dimensions unless you have reasonable means to reach them (such as Coldharbour).

Quests & Zones

Reaper's March
  • To Dune: You will no longer be prevented from turning in this quest if it was shared with you from another player character, and you also completed the quest Fires of Dune.


  • The tooltip for the experience bar in UI windows will now properly display XP instead of VP.
  • Fixed an issue where guild traders would initially display your last searched guild store instead of the proper guild store.
  • Re-enabled the controls within conversations. You can now use E to select the first option, and X to say goodbye.

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