Our Calling, Our Pledge

Our Calling, Our Pledge
Collection Stormhaven Lore
Author Abbot Durak

Our Calling, Our Pledge is a Book in Elder Scrolls Online. Contained within Shalidor's Library, these books are part of the subcollection Stormhaven Lore


Where to find Our Calling, Our Pledge

      • Steelheart Moorings



Our Calling, Our Pledge Content

Those new to our order often ask me, What does it mean to be a Spirit Warden? This confusion is understandable. Azura offers guidance, but not always in the ways we expect. She has spoken to me but twice in my lifetime, and then only in silken whispers, barely audible in the night. The Dream Shard is Azura's gift, as is the Dreamless Potion we drink every night. Azura foresees a time when Vaermina, Mistress of Nightmares, will unleash a plague on our province: a plague of madness. Countless innocents will die unless we stop it. The Dreamless Potion protects us from Vaermina's madness only so we may protect others: those afflicted souls driven mad by their dreams, and their victims. When the time of plague comes, we must stand against it. This is our calling from Azura ... and our pledge.



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