Of Faith and Family




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Of Faith and Family is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online.

Quest Information

Even though I confirmed that Veya is safe, Councilor Eris continues to press me to arrange a meeting between him and his daughter.



  • Councilor Eris



  • Talk to Ashur.
  • Use the map Ashur gives you to find Naryu.
  • Steal the registry from Lord Drono's townhouse and bring it to Naryu.
  • Go to the swamp to look for Veya.
  • Talk to Captain Brivan.
  • Find Veya, and help her get back to her cave.
  • Talk to Veya and Naryu.
  • Escape the cave.
  • Talk to Councilor Eris.
  • Meet Veya and Naryu at the Ashlander Camp.
  • Search the camp.
  • Find the mine key, then enter Kudanat Mine.
  • Search the mine for prisoners.
  • Listen to the Speaking Stone you found.
  • Talk to Naryu and (optionally) to Veya.
  • Return to Balmora and report to Councilor Eris.




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