Nedes of the Deathlands

Nedes of the Deathlands
Collection Craglorn Secrets
Author Argus Mender

Nedes of the Deathlands is a Book in Elder Scrolls Online. Contained within Eidetic Memory, these books are part of the subcollection Craglorn Secrets


Where to find Nedes of the Deathlands

      • The lower levels of The Seeker's Archive
      • The main room of Shada's Tear



Nedes of the Deathlands Content

Is it possible then that everything they taught us as children was wrong? That buried beneath rock and sand, hidden from view by the monuments of conquering Yokudans, is more than just the detritus of a barbaric and underdeveloped people? This is the claim Sali'ma at-Muhay makes in his latest work of scholarship on the Nedes and their presence in Hammerfell, and he presents some compelling new evidence to support this claim. In studying the mage towers in Elinhir closely, he has concluded that these towers are not of the right age to be of Yokudan fabrication, nor do they use the same stone-crafting techniques employed by the Ayleids. In some regards, they resemble Dwemer handiwork, but only in a crude way. From this, at-Muhay concludes that these towers were not a lost form of high Yokudan architecture transplanted from the Yokudan homeland, but are in fact, the remnants of a Nedic civilization. If at-Muhay's conclusions are right, then the Nedes were much more organized and advanced than historians have previously thought. Elinhir's towers could only have been crafted by an advanced culture adept at stonework. These towers have been occupied since the Blackcaster mages established their academy in Elinhir—so why is at-Muhay the first to propose this startling theory? This author posits that historians are not without their blind spots, and that the Nedes are certainly among the biggest. The reasons for this are many: In the first, the Nedic people had a history of falling prey to conquering armies. The Dwemer, the Ayleids, and the Yokudans all proclaimed themselves masters of the Eastern Hammerfell Nedes at some point. It was in the interests of these conquering peoples to justify their conquests by proclaiming the Nedes a backward people worthy only of enslavement. In the second, the Nedes as a distinctive people disappear from the historical record shortly after Ra Gada, and by then the records that exist are few and scattered. By the time the first Yokudans set foot on the shores of Hammerfell, the Nedic culture was already fading, and the people were scattered and broken. Most of the Nedes had long since migrated and intermingled with the other races of Tamriel, virtually fading from existence. It's vital that we take this new theory about the Nedes seriously. I suspect that the remote region of Craglorn will bear much fruit for future researchers interested in exploring the extent of Nedic civilization, as it has undergone the least change in the time since the last Nedes disappeared.


Craglorn Secrets
A Citizen's Petition  ♦  A Merchant's Orders to His Guards  ♦  A Prayer to the Serpent  ♦  A Recipe of Surpassing Danger  ♦  A Rumor of Serpents  ♦  A Star Walks In Craglorn  ♦  A Star-Gazer's Ramblings  ♦  A Werewolf Hunter's Advice  ♦  Agganor's Journal  ♦  Aldmeri Court Transcript  ♦  Alvada's Journal  ♦  An Amazing Opportunity  ♦  Ballad of Dorzogg the Gutter-King  ♦  Blackcaster Notice  ♦  Blasius' Unfinished Manuscript  ♦  Blood for Our Enemies  ♦  Blood-Feathers Battle Slogans  ♦  Caecilius' Journal  ♦  Cassipia's Change of Heart  ♦  Castles and Coffers Volume III: Hel Ra Citadel  ♦  Challenge the Arena  ♦  Chiselshriek Foreman's Log  ♦  Closed Until Further Notice  ♦  Covenant Intelligence Report 2,502  ♦  Daggerfall Covenant Missive  ♦  Dawn of the Exalted Viper Book  ♦  Dead Sword-Disciple's Note  ♦  Defaced Mages Guild Reward Notice  ♦  Defaced Nedic Prayer Book  ♦  Dragon Priest—Arise!  ♦  Dragonstar Arena Guest Book  ♦  Elenaire's Journal  ♦  Exarch's Orders  ♦  Final Thoughts  ♦  Five Claws Battle Cries  ♦  Frederick's Letter  ♦  From Regent of Serpentine Stratagems  ♦  From the Regent of Fanged Fury  ♦  Glorious Balamath  ♦  Grazzar's Threat  ♦  How the Yokudans Chased the Stars  ♦  Ibrula's Journal  ♦  Ilthag's Orders  ♦  In Praise of Regent Cassipia  ♦  Intercepted Star-Gazer's Document  ♦  It Lives!  ♦  Join Dragonstar Caravan Company!  ♦  Lamias of Craglorn  ♦  Lanista's Journal  ♦  Letter to Amirmil  ♦  Letter to Ariana  ♦  Letter to Armorer Uthik  ♦  Letter to Dusandar  ♦  Letter to Elanwen  ♦  Letter to Exarch Braadoth  ♦  Letter to Isrudde  ♦  Letter to Runescriber Kulth  ♦  Letter to Windhelm  ♦  Life In the Scaled Court  ♦  Merchants, Scoundrels, Thieves  ♦  Mystic Visions of the Guardians  ♦  Nirncrux: A Study  ♦  Orcs of Tamriel, Volume 3  ♦  Orders from Regent Elska  ♦  Origin of the Scaled Court  ♦  Phillip's Note to Yasmine  ♦  Sanavar's Research Notes  ♦  Saradin's Diary  ♦  Scaled Court Communique  ♦  Scorpion Observations  ♦  Selene's Letter  ♦  Skyreach Explorer, Volume Five  ♦  Skyreach Explorer, Volume Four  ♦  Skyreach Explorer, Volume One  ♦  Skyreach Explorer, Volume Six  ♦  Skyreach Explorer, Volume Three  ♦  Skyreach Explorer, Volume Two  ♦  Smuggler's Note  ♦  Star-Gazer Merith's Journal  ♦  Strange Riddle  ♦  Tales of Abba Arl: The Fat Mother  ♦  Tales of Abba Arl: The Ox's Tale  ♦  Targa's Note  ♦  The Care and Feeding of Trolls  ♦  The Flourishing of Elinhir  ♦  The Hidden Trials  ♦  The Perfection of Fearfangs Cavern  ♦  The Serpent's Blade  ♦  The Serpent's Song  ♦  The Stars Have Eyes  ♦  The Trial of Air  ♦  The Trial of Fire  ♦  The Trial of Martial Knowledge  ♦  The Trial of the Arena  ♦  The Trial of the True Path  ♦  The Unearthing of Kardala  ♦  The Way of the Blade  ♦  The Wonders of Craglorn  ♦  Tishi's Research Notes  ♦  To Zelguma the Strong  ♦  Tome of the Anka-Ra Guardians  ♦  Torn Page  ♦  Tracking the Arena  ♦  Tracking the Butcher  ♦  Treasure Hunter's Journal  ♦  Treasure Hunter's Note  ♦  Trumbull's Note  ♦  Virmaril's Journal  ♦  Vosh and Rakh: A History  ♦  Wamasu Observations  ♦  Watcher Shavmar's Journal  ♦  Waterlogged Journal  ♦  Waylaid Traveler's Journal  ♦  We Who Are About To Die  ♦  Worn and Torn Page  ♦  Yamanu-ko's Letter to Her Apprentice


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