Necromancer Utiasl

Undead Skeleton Elite enemy in the Rulanyil's Fall Dungeon, spawns in a very slow timer, likely dependent to the defeat of nearby enemies, so clear the room and other elites near it while you wait. It's in the same room and right next to the Skyshard of this dungeon.
Counts towards achievements:

Destroy the Ogrim Brothers.png Rulanyil's Fall Slayer - 10 points. Defeat three of the Champions in Rulanyil's Fall.
GroupChallenge.png Rulanyil's Fall Group Challenge - 50 points. Defeat the undead hordes of Hergon the Fallen at Ruyandil's Fall.
GroupDungeon.png Rulanyil's Fall Conqueror - 50 points. Defeat all of Rulanyil's Fall Champions.

rulanyil's fall achievement elites.png

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