Mud Ball Merriment is a special Holiday Events Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Mud Ball Merriment

  • To unlock this quest. You will need to find Breda outside Windhelm and to complete the quest " The New Life Festival" (Dec-Jan)
  • This quest is part of the nine different daily quests available during the New Life Festival Holiday Event. (Bosmer)
  • Achievement note: Alliance leaders can be found at the last point you saw them during your area quest. They will be in different places for different people. YOU WILL GAIN A BOUNTY of 46 Gold each time, as well as a bounty for hitting guards.
  • The mud balls that are received from the New Life Festival reward boxes do not advance the quest, you must use the mud balls from the mud ball pouch.

mud_ball_miscreantachievement-eso-new-life-festivalMud Ball Miscreant

During the Mud Ball Merriment, share the joy of mud balls with each Alliance leader

  • Throw Mud Ball at Queen Ayrenn (If quest incomplete: Queen Ayrenn is in the Vulkhel Guard Manor & Treasury. If quest completed: Queen Ayrenn is at Skywatch Manor in Skywatch, Auridon)
  • Throw Mud Ball at Jorunn the Skald-King (if quest completed: Right by Trolhetta Summit Wayshrine in The Rift otherwise he can be found in Eastmarch in Windhelm in a little house just to the east of the castle, It is his temporary court.)
  • Throw Mud Ball at High King Emeric (If quest incomplete: High King Emeric is in Wayrest Castle in Stormhaven. if quest completed: in the last room in Hall of Heroes in Bangkorai)

"Breda, a New Life Herald in Eastmarch, spoke of Skywatch's New Life Festival in Auridon.

To participate in Mud Ball Merriment, I should first head to Skywatch and throw mud balls at anyone who looks too stuffy to enjoy themselves."




  • Share the Joy of Mudballs in Skywatch (0/10) (Do the achievement at this stage)
  • Complete one:
  • Pelt Dominion Ambassador Camore
  • Pelt Daggerfall Ambassador Arnand Relippe
  • Pelt Abonheart Ambassador Tolendos Dreloth
  • Return to Breda


Next Quest

  • n/a



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