Most Complicated Machine


Brass Fortress; The Cloisters; Reactor District


Spare Serpentine Belt
Very High Leveled Gold

Most Complicated Machine is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. It is part of the Clockwork City DLC.

Quest Information

Proctor Sovor Saryoni, a ranking Clockwork Apostle, is dying and has asked me to help save his life. He believes his only hope to continue his existence lies in an experiment conducted by a former apostle, but she was exiled long ago because of it.





  • Talk to Proctor Sovor Saryoni 
  • Search for Terari: Go into the Restricted Brassworks, and find a door leading to a lift. Go through the platforms to find Terari Heladren
  • Find and defeat Teraris' failed experiment Bolin
  • Bolin is located on the furthest portion fo the Restricted Brasswork's ground floor.
  • Return to Terari and give her the Soul Gem
  • Witness the Experiment
  • Talk to Terari again to complete the quest.




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