Merriment and Mystery


Cragwallow, Cragwallow Cave


Riekling Skull-Cleaver
Very High Leveled Gold

Merriment and Mystery is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). 

Quest Information

I wandered into Cragwallow, a small settlement used by the Skald-King's royal work crews. After a lot of hard work maintaining the roads, they're preparing to throw a party.





  • Talk to Berj Stoneheart.
  • Obtain the meat for your chosen cook.
  • Talk to Ralduf Wolf-Kin.
  • Find the storehouse key and obtain some mead.
  • Talk to Berj in the Mead Hall.
  • Ask the bard to play a song.
  • Talk to Arvild Gray-Sky.
  • Search for the bard.
  • Talk to Vestrek Raven-Eye.
  • Investigate the cave.
  • Talk to Vestrek.




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