Master of Leki's Blade is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Master of Leki's Blade Bestowal

"I've arrived at Leki's Blade, a school of swordsmanship in the sands of Alik'r."



  • Answer the First Riddle from Smith Nabeenam
  • Answer the Second Riddle from Smith Nabeenam
  • Listen to the Third Riddle from Smith Nabeenam
  • Talk to Unar
  • Talk to Halam
  • Talk to Iman
  • Answer the Third Riddle from Smith Nabeenam
  • Defeat the Pupils
  • Talk to Master Fadalia
  • Drink from the Cup of Visions
  • Collect Tafa's shield
  • Collect Nabeenam's hammer
  • Collect Raifa's sword
  • Pray at the Shrine of Tafa's shield
  • Pray at the Shrine of Nabeenam's hammer
  • Pray at the Shrine of Raifa's sword
  • Pray at Leki's Shrines
  • Enter the Master's Chambers
  • Sit Among the Students
  • Complete the Rites of Leki's Blade
  • Talk to Disciple Tafa at-Makela
  • Go to Master Ahram Sesnit's Grave
  • Defeat Master Ahram Sesnit
  • Find Master Fadalia
  • Decide Master Fadalia's Fate
  • Talk to Disciple Raifa af-Haba

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