Master of Leki's Blade


Leki's Blade


Master's Sharpsword
Very High Leveled Gold

Master of Leki's Blade is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

I've arrived at Leki's Blade, a school of swordsmanship in the sands of Alik'r.



  • Leki's Disciple, Disciple Tafa at-Makela



  • Talk to Disciple Tafa at-Makela.
  • Answer the riddles from Smith Nabeenam.
  • Talk to Disciple Raifa af-Haba.
  • Talk to Master Fadalia.
  • Drink from the Cup of Visions and recover the required items.
  • Pray at Leki's shrines.
  • Receive the master's blessing.
  • Talk to Tafa.
  • Enter the crypt.
  • Find Master Fadalia.
  • Talk to Arbiter Salida al-Natedan.




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