Manor of Masques




Chapeau of Revels
Average Leveled Gold

Manor of Masques is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. It is part of the Summerset Chapter.

Quest Information

Rinyde has asked me to find her brother Larydel and stop him from joining the House of Reveries. I must audition as well in order to figure out who he is.



  • Rinyde



  • Talk to Rinyde near Rellenthil.
  • Audition for Alchemy.
  • Speak to Rinyde for further instructions.
  • Converse with other Hopefuls of the House of Reveries and practice with them.
  • Talk to Alchemy and guess Larydel's identity.
  • Talk to Rinyde.




  • Alchemy was the actual brother, who has magically changed her identity to a woman. 
  • If you want an amicable resolution, warn Alchemy of the sisters plan, and then encourage them to talk before she leaves. 


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