Madness Daily Quest


Various Public Dungeons


Mages Guild Merits
Average Leveled Gold
+10 Mages Guild Reputation

Madness Anchors Daily Quest is a Quest in the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). This quest has many variants given by Alvur Baren of the Mages Guild and tasks the player with retrieving a relic from various Public Dungeons.


Quest Information

Alvur Baren of the Mages Guild wants me to recover a dangerous relic from <zone>.



  • Help recover a relic of the Mad God.





  1. Speak to Alvur Baren at the Mages Guild Hall of any Alliance Capital.
  2. Venture to the specified Public Dungeon and retrieve the relic.
  3. Return to Alvur Baren.

This quest will have a different name depending on the zone and Public Dungeon objective but it will always follow the same format of "Madness in [Zone Name]", e.g. "Madness in Auridon". The following table lists the Zones, Public Dungeons and Relics for each quest variant:

Zone Public Dungeon Relic
Alik'r Desert Lost City of the Na-Totambu Longsleeves
Auridon Toothmaul Gully Embittering Muzzle
Bangkorai Razak's Wheel Asylum Earplugs
Deshaan Forgotten Crypts Ceremonial Cheese Knife
Eastmarch Hall of the Dead The About Face
Glenumbra Bad Man's Hallows Discordant Fiddle
Grahtwood Root Sunder Ruins Big Sister, Little Brother
Greenshade Rulanyil's Fall Wabbajerky
Malabal Tor Crimson Cove Lucid Liquor
Reaper's March The Vile Manse Ravenous Rodent
The Rift Lion's Den Madman's Chalice
Rivenspire Obsidian Scar Mad God's Lost Button
Shadowfen Sanguine's Demsne

Scrolls: The Merethic Cheeses, Vol. 2

Stonefalls Crow's Wood

The Nightlight

Stormhaven Bonesnap Ruins

Uncle Leo's Spectacles




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