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Lobo Stamplar PvP

For those who don't know, Lobo is a comic book killer for hire. Strong, brutal and gets the job done. Incidentally after dying and being banned from both heaven and hell, he is effectively immortal...

I've wanted to do this build for a long time, originally on my stam DK but after doing it on my Templar its made for this because of the Balanced Warrior passive since you'll be missing out on the 12% damage boost from medium armor. The plan was to make a full heavy armor DPS build to be super tanky for a DPS but still wreck lives. The only problem is this build ONLY works with in 1 or 2 levels of a Ravager set because after that your scaled PvP stats will diminish drastically. So vet1 and 2 is perfect for this, or whatever level you are closest to of Ravager set you can buy. This is a front lines fighter, scaled to vet15 in PvP you'll have almost 20k resistance on both, 25k+ health, 27k+ stam, and fully buffed 3500 (give or take) weapon damage...with all heavy armor...let that sink in.

Race- Redguard...you can use Wood Elf or Khajit too, you NEED a stam regen bonus because you're lacking in stam bonuses without medium gear. Redguard gives you the best of all, Max, Regen and stam return with attacks.

Mundus- Serpent

Gear- This is very important, it's what make the whole build. I forget which pieces I have of what but the only thing specifically to remember is either you'll have a NON-set weapon or if you have a DSA or Maelstrom 2H then use that. Do not use the Ravager 2H or you'll lack the 5pc on your back bar. The Black Rose set gives a 50% boost to the Constitution perk so when you are hit you get magic and stam back, also adds weapon damage.
  • 5pc Ravager, Rings, Neck, Chest, and one other piece..doesn't matter which. Swap the jewelry glyphs to 1 weapon damage and 2 stam regen.
  • 5pc Black Rose (Imperial City vendor), whatever pieces you don't have in Ravager. All glyphs to stamina. Also just buy the ones you can see, not the lock boxes. you want the critical resistance. Or all divines for stam regen boost, but getting all that would cost you a lot of Tel var stones.
  • Purple Non-set Sword or Maul, if you have Maelstrom version that's better.
  • Purple Non-set Bow
Once you pass your Ravager by 2-3 levels It's a basic set up, 5pc Hundings Rage 3 or 4 piece Nights Silence, Night Mothers or Morkuldin. End game for me would be 5pc Hundings, 1pc Bloodspawn, 1pc Kena, 1pc Maelstrom 2H, 3pc Agility jewelry. All armor divines. When I stop using my Ravager I'll rewrite this whole page with current abilities and sets.

Abilities- Front bar
  • Biting Jabs (high dps, procs Ravager, boosts crit)
  • Wrecking Blow (dps and because even stam jabs can be negated)
  • Stampede (for the gap closer and snare)
  • Rally (damage buff, heal)
  • Execute (finisher, boosts all damage to low health targets)
  • Flawless Dawnbreaker (mainly for the damage boost)
Back Bar
  • Focused aim (armor debuff)
  • Cleansing ritual (clears negative effects such as Mark for nightblades and DoTs, Buffs any healing done within)
  • Total Dark (single target spell reflect, Damage debuff, great against any magic build)
  • Venom Arrow (DoT, interrupt)
  • Vigor (main heal)
  • Solar Disturbance (DoT, snare, damage reduction)
Ok so there is a ton of room for ability swaps here. I actually swap all the time in PvP with this character. Taking flags I use Arrow Barrage and Solar Disturbance on the flag or any congested group then stampede in and JabJabJab. If you religiously PvP and have Caltrops by vet1 that would be better than Arrow Barrage. When just dueling or fighting small groups I have Venom arrow on for the dot, I'll Focused Aim then Venom Arrow for the debuff and DoT, then Stampede, Wrecking Blow and JabJabJab execute. Focused Aim can be removed for close quarters and replaced with Repentance for the regen buffs or Javelin for the Knock back and passive crit. If you are in a group fight stand your ground, Buff and drop a Cleanse and stay inside to fight so when you use Vigor it heals for 30% more because of the Focused healing passive. Wrecking Blow is only really needed because even as a stamina ability, Biting Jabs CAN be negated, then you'll have no main DPS. Don't forget to weave light attacks so you don't run out of stamina. Utilize dodge roll. That's it. Super simple.

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      didnt like the build, does descent, but the core build is way to weak, relies too much on champ points to suit me. but not a bad build

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