Living with Lycanthropy

Living with Lycanthropy
Collection Bangkorai Lore

Living with Lycanthropy is a Book in Elder Scrolls Online. Contained within Shalidor's Library, these books are part of the subcollection Bangkorai Lore


Where to find Living with Lycanthropy

      • East of Evermore



Living with Lycanthropy Content

Throughout the ages, whenever one heard the word werewolf, it was a cry of fear and revulsion. This need not be the case any longer. We shall prove to Tamriel that it is indeed possible to live a productive, peaceful life while afflicted with Sanies Lupinus. Our Rule: Resist the Urge to Commit Violence By withdrawing from society, one can learn how to apply this simple rule to everyday life. Do not give in to a feral desire to retaliate against those who cannot understand our plight. We are not meant to destroy others simply for sport. Hircine blessed us with the ability to fight well, with strength beyond that of an ordinary person. We must not take advantage of this blessing to hurt anyone, but rather use it in ways that benefit others like ourselves. Hunting can be a rewarding pastime, and a way of worshiping our patron. It should not be a way to torment others, whether man or beast. This blessing, for it is a blessing and not a curse, allows us to carry heavy loads, and to cover vast distances without tiring. We make excellent traveling merchants for this reason, as well as laborers of all kinds. By showing continued restraint, by not lifting our hand against others, by proving that hunger does not drive us to kill, we honor ourselves and our families. It is our duty to demonstrate that werewolves can be peaceful through our continued faith in Hircine's blessings.



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